Monday, February 6, 2017

1-30-17 I'm staying in Exeter

January 30, 2017

Hey Hey Hey!!

Lots of exciting things happened this week!

So, unfortunately...our baptism fell through. We think the April's husband had something to do with it because now they want to get baptized on September 16th this year. Needless to say, they were dropped immediately. They still came to church though, so hopefully they'll stay strong till the 16th of September and afterwards! 

We did pick up the former investigator that came to church though! She now has a baptismal date for the 18th of February and were going to baptize her 8 year old daughter as well!! She is almost solid (just has to read when we ask her too!! Bu I'm sure she will!). She went to the Relief Society broadcast with sisters from our ward and then fed us the next night! She is on fire right now. And the cool thing is, her kids are what really brought her back. When she stopped investigating and her and her husband separated, she went to 3 other churches and prayed that her kids enjoy it more than they did the church! But they never did! They always had some sort of thing they found wrong with it! But she still didn't really want to come back because she was embarrassed that her and her ex separated and they were married by the church! She finally got up the courage to come back though a couple of weeks after we went and knocked on her door! She talked with her kids, and here she is! Elder Blume and I are so excited for her. 

We also had a another investigator named Laura come to church. She's 23 years old, so this week we're going to try to have a hand off lesson with the YSA Elders, if she wants to go of course! She has a date for February 18th and I think she said she loved church! SO we're excited to go see her again tomorrow at 3PM.

We had transfer calls AND.........I'm staying in Exeter with Elder Blume!!!!!! I'm actually very excited because I want to be here for the baptism of Jessica Rocha (lady mentioned previously)!!!

I love you all and I love my mission!
Elder Richardson

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