Monday, September 12, 2016

Baptism Twitter - Inviting ALL to come unto Christ

August 29, 2016


Tuesday: On Tuesday we went to District meeting in Merced and it was fun. I gave like a 30 second training on giving good commitments to people and then we role played for almost 10 minutes, It was a really fun experience. I like giving training's, I think I learn more than other people while I'm giving them. It's a great experience. After District Meeting we all gathered together as a zone and had a little zone pow wow thing (kinda like a Game Day Rally). It was super awesome and got us all very hyped to go out and teach, preach, and INVITE people to baptism! We started this thing as a zone that is like a missionary twitter. Every time we invite someone to be baptized, we text it out to the WHOLE zone no matter what the response is! And we set a goal to invite 2 people to be baptized every day! I love it! I feel it truly helps us a s missionaries sift out who is and IS NOT prepared to hear God's word! Elder Witt and I got so hyped up about it that right as the pow wow ended (i got everyone together and and we did a "Baptize Merced" on 3...I can't even begin to tell you how hyped and pumped that got me), Elder Witt and I literally ran out to the door to go find someone so we could be the 1st ones to start off this baptism invitation thing. We ran around the side of the building and I kid you not...there was a woman walking her dog in front of the church! We got super excited and briskly walked over to her. Immediately, we could tell this woman had something bothering her. We asked if we could say a prayer with her an she BURST into tears saying yes. She told us about some trials she's having in her life ans then we prayed for her. The Spirit was very strong. After the prayer we pulled out a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and testified to her of how God has a plan SPECIFICALLY for her and invited her to meet with the missionaries. She said yes. And then we invited her to be baptized is she came to know what we taught was true! SHE SAID YES!!!!! IT was awesome!! God definitely works in mysterious ways!!! He loves us and wants us to succeed!

Wednesday: We say Tom and taught The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a good lesson and we really went over how and why we need the Holy Ghost. We helped him understand that and he thanked us. 

This week my companion and I made a goal to talk with everyone!!! and we have!! We've been struggling to talk with people because of all the appointments we are setting up with the people we talked with last week! but we are still being blessed for talking with all those that we can. This week we found 3 New investigators! We are excited to continue teaching them! 
Not much happened the rest of the week. But i love you all! Thank you for all the support and love!
Hlub Nej
Elder Richardson 

Bobbi street is so ghetto that even Mickey Mouse has killed someone. 

The Legendary Bobbi Street - Most ghetto street in Atwater

So this member in  our ward has this picture of himself in a bathtub!! 
I now aspire to have this picture in my future bathroom.

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