Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Conference and Wedding

October 3, 2016

Conference was AMAZING!!!!!!,
If you can't tell I loved Conference...
So this week not a lot happened..
Except a wedding!! On Saturday, Mariah Davis and Jose Hurtado finally got married after 8 years together!! They are both members but have a 9 yr old named Mya that we are teaching and a soon to be 8 yr old named Robert! The wedding was awesome! It was at 4 PM between the afternoon and priesthood sessions of conference. It was a good time and my companion and I ended up matching the wedding themes!! (black and pink. I had pink of course! And my comp had black)

We got Steven to come to the Saturday morning session of conference! I think he felt the Spirit and hope he enjoyed it! We'll follow up with him this week about it though!! 
That's really about all that happened this week though. 

One last note though...
Everyone needs to heed Elder Oaks conference talk and do missionary work!!! Everyone and Anyone can do it!! We just need to: 
1. Have a DESIRE
2. Pray and be willing to act on the answers to those prayers.
And I don't have my notes next to me so I can't remember the 3rd one. But that's a good reason to go back and listen to it for yourselves and then heed the counsel from it!!! 

Love you all!! 

Elder Richardson

I bought my first pair of joggers... they are really comfy on p-days! :) 

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