Wednesday, October 26, 2016

True Converts

October 10, 2016

Waz  Up,

So this week was slow...but no need to fear! This week will pick up again!!

On Tuesday we went and saw a recent convert that moved into the area pretty recently. We had a good review lesson of about the Word of Wisdom and what blessings come from living it! (we related the conference talk from President Monson in the priesthood session). Later on that night we took Brother Vezzani over to an investigators house (Kathy's her name). We had a great lesson and ended up committing her to be baptized on November 5th!! We're so excited!!

On Thursday we went over to the Wilcox's and had a member home dinner/ lesson with Terri and Michael Bray! We retaught The Restoration to Michael (it was Terri's first time hearing it). At the end we asked Terri if when she came the church was true if she would be baptized, she said yes but only at her pace though because she wants to understand it for herself. Which makes PERFECT sense right!? We don't want just anyone to jump into the font! We want TRUE CONVERTS to this church! People that truly want to hear and understand the gospel and then apply it to their own lives so that they can be happy! 

On Friday we went over to the Hurtados for dinner and taught Mya (9) and Robert (will be 8 on October 20th) about the Holy Ghost! It was a fun lesson and they all came to church on Sunday!!!! 

That's about all though! I love you all!! 

Elder Richardson

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