Monday, January 11, 2016



Zoo Siab Christmas, 

Hi everyone! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!! 

This past week was fun and boring. It was fun in the sense that we had lots of Christmas meals and lessons with people, but boring because we didn't have a lot of lessons with investigators due to this busy Christmas season! 

My companions and I took some cute Christmas pictures with matching sweaters though! Cause we're adorable of course. 

Christmas was FANTASTIC!!!!!! We woke up at ^ and opened our Christmas packages and then  slept in for another 2 hours! Then got ready and we all got to Skype our families which was the BEST Christmas gift ever!!! 

After that we were aloud to watch a Disney movie!!! And being the adult, mature missionaries we are...we watched High School Musical 3 (and yes, I sang every song at the top of my lungs with pristine grace and elegance as well)!!! 

For the rest of Christmas we went and moved a couch for some members in another ward (because everyone loves the Hmong missionaries more than their own ward missionaries, not hard to see why). Then we packed up and left for Fresno for the week for this huge thing called Hmong New Year!! 

Hmong New Year is an event held every year all over different parts of California all around the end of the year where Hmong people from all over the world (France, Laos, Thailand, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc...) and set up booths to sell things and just celebrate Hmong people in general! ANd from 5AM-9PM we go around asking people to sign a list if they would be ok with missionaries coming and visiting them within the next year and then right down their information! It's so much fun!! 

That's about it for this week though!  
Love you all, 
Elder Tub Ntxawg


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