Monday, January 11, 2016

Red Hair

Merry Earler Christmas!!, 
This past week was super fun! On Monday Elder Gray (trainee) had to get a haircut. And while we were waiting, one of the ladies that has previously given me a haircut their asked me if I wanted to get my hair dyed. I said I wish but I'm on a mission right now. She told me she would do it for free and the stuff she would use washes out immediately...after thinking about it for 10 minutes...i said no...HAHA just kidding I Immediately jumped up and said "Heck YA!" . So she died my hair purple and red. it was SOOO much fun for those 15 minutes! And then when she was washing it out for me she legitimately scared me and kept saying "oh no it's not coming out!". it did though so no worries mom and dad I no longer have purple and red hair. 
This past week has been COLD!!! Holy cow it's so cold here. Coming from Arizona where the low is like 55, this is freezing to me!
We picked up 4 new investigators! My personal favorite so far is this 9 year old named Joy. She is the niece of another one of our investigators. Not yesterday, but last Sunday we were teaching her aunt (Yer Chang) and she called Joy into the room right as we started cause Joy has been wanting to learn about God for a while!! The rest of the lesson went fantastic and we even got her to pray at the very end!! We went over again on Thursday and gave her a Book of Mormon and told her we would be back in 30 minutes cause we had another quick appointment to go to. We came back and she had already read the first 2 chapters and knew about the specifics in detail! She prays everyday and "receives messages" (Holy Ghost) from God when she prays! She couldn't be more golden!! The only problem now is that her parents refuse to meet with us (their Shaman)...and we have to get permission to baptize her or hopefully, baptize the family. We set a date in January for her. So if you all wouldn't mind, will you pray for Joy's parents hearts to be softened and receive us into their house so we can meet with them. I know that if we can just have Joy and her parents sit with us in a lesson that the Holy Ghost will do the rest and show Joy's parents that what we're teaching Joy is what they need to have in their lives as well. 
I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season!!! Merry Christmas and if you haven't yet. Go check out the awesome Savior Is Born video on! It's awesome and really helps you think about the real reason we celebrate Christmas! 
Love you all!! Your favorite white Hmong speaking guy, 

Elder Richy 





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