Monday, January 11, 2016

Mission President Blog Page about Hmong New Year



Every year, Fresno hosts the International Hmong New Year during the week after Christmas.  Hundreds of thousands of Hmong people pour in to Fresno from all over California, Wisconsin and other states, and even France and Laos.  They enjoy the atmosphere of Kwv Txhiaj (traditional poetic chants), ball-tossing traditions, and stores sporting a smorgasbord of Hmong materials.  They can buy Hmong books, traditional clothing, instruments, and medicines while enjoying performances from dancers and singers on the stage.
The Hmong New Year event was a remarkable success for the Hmong missionaries here in the California Fresno Mission.  Over seven days, the eight Hmong Elders alongside supportive members from the Hmong ward and the two YSA Elders with Hmong stewardship collected 1,223 names of people who were willing to meet with the missionaries.  About 400 of those names are from people here in Fresno, many from the Merced area, and 250 are being sent to other missions such as Sacramento CA, Milwaukee WI, and Anchorage AL.  Many other names only have phone numbers and the work is under way to locate them and connect them with the proper missionaries.  So rather than settling down for long winter naps, the Hmong missionaries are now excitedly contacting scores of brand new people interested in the message of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ.  And for a real treat, go to ldsmissionary on instagram to see one of our Hmong Missionaries rap a portion of the Plan of Salvation.

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