Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas - God Blesses Every One

December 26, 2016

Merry LATE Christmas EVERYONE!!!!!
I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas this week!!! I know I did!! We only found 2 New Investigators this week but boy almighty, let me tell you. I got to have lots of fun spreading joy this week. 

Elder Blume and I knocked some doors in the Farmersville (neighboring city we cover) Elders apartment. One of the doors we knocked we had knocked a day prior and talked to a woman named Brittany. We set a kind of appointment with her for 2PM and we were coming by to double check if it was still ok to come by. Instead, a woman named Lisa answered. At first, her intentions were to just tell us to leave Brittany alone and shut the door. We got her talking though and eventually she opened up the door and actually talked with us. She wasn't very interested in the message we had to share, but while talking we found out her family wasn't going to be getting a tree for Christmas, let alone presents for her 3 KIDS cause they couldn't afford it!! We said a prayer with her and she closed the door. Immediately, my mind was racing and I told Elder Blume and then the Farmersville wanted to contribute to the plan. We were going to make sure this family was going to have Christmas this year!!! We went to work, Elders Fernandez and Facer went and bought toys at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, and then we all went to Save Mart and bought a tree and ornaments using a $50 gift card a member had given to us. We hurried back to Farmersville and wrapped and decorated the tree. You could definitely tell 4 Elders had put this tree and the presents together, but we still did it. We went and knocked on Lisa's door and she was speechless...and then started crying. I can't even begin to tell you happy I was at that moment. To see the joy on this woman's face was incredible. It made my Christmas.
I love serving people every day. Although I don't always see the same joy on everybody's face like I did this woman's, I know that the gospel creates joy and happiness 10 fold what the woman probably felt. And that's why everyone needs to know it

Later on that night, we had dinner with the Rogers family. They're an older couple that have adopted 6 little girls (all from 6-8)!!! And one 9 year old boy. At dinner, Sister Rogers cam and asked us a favor. We were going to stay for a couple extra hours after the kids went to bed and then she wanted surprise the kids by waking them up and having the "catch Santa delivering their presents". I got to get dressed up in a Santa suit and my companion went up in the attic and after I "left" he pounded and pranced around making it sound like reindeer riding away off of the roof!! It was awesome!!! Those little girls will definitely NEVER FORGET THIS Christmas. And neither will I. I love you all and want you all to know...that long ago, a babe was born in a manger. And because of what that child did for you, me, and everyone, we can live with our Father in Heaven again. 
Love you all,
Elder Richardson

Operation Christmas For Our Neighbor

Christmas at Stake President's House


My failed mansion gingerbread house.                    From home! What is Christmas without a BALL!

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