Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Year - Work Hard

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!! 
This week was fun (like always!!)

This past week Elder Blume and I committed 3 people to baptism! One of them is named Kim, she's a cool black lady that lives up in Woodlake. She basically already studies a little bit from the Book of Mormon every day from what we understand!! We committed her to be baptized on January 21st! She has mentioned that her doctor tells her she needs to drink a cup of coffee every day to lower her blood pressure...not sure how that works. But there are ways to go through and around!! If she has faith like Elder Blume and I do, she will prevail!!! 

The other 2 are named Edward and Elida. Edward and Elida are a couple hat have been meeting with missionaries for 2 PLUS years!! And they have only ever been to church like 1 or 2 times!!! They are a split family and have a total of 4 kids. Edward says the missionaries are "Good Luck" because whenever we start coming around; good things happen in his life. He has also said to our faces that he felt good reading out of the Book of Mormon. Elida grew up Catholic but never really felt she got to choose the religion. So she is searching to join a church for herself. We committed them to be baptized on February 11! BUTTTTTTT...we still need to get hem married! WOOHOO!

Unfortunately, none of them came to church on Sunday.

Also, we are teaching a woman named Sabrina ha we have committed to baptism as well! She's got 2 kids named JazMain (pronounced Jazz-Main, isn't it cool?!?! Mom is white, but daughter is half black) and Ricky. They are 5 and 3. We don't have a solid date for her yet but she has been reading the Book of Mormon!

And last but not least!! My companion’s birthday was on New Year’s Eve!!!!! He turned 20!!!!! On New Year’s Eve we proselyted till 5 and then got picked up for dinner (Our cars had to be parked by 6, but we were allowed to be out with members until 9). We went over to a member’s home and had breakfast for dinner and then just hung out with them until it was time to go home!! Then we planned and went to bed!! SO nothing too crazy!! But still fun!! 

Love you all!! Have a fantastic week!!! 

Elder Richardson

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