Monday, January 9, 2017

Transferred to Exeter

December 19, 2016

Hello all you WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!,

SO...this last week was crazy, insane, and wonderful all at the same time!!! I got transferred down to Exeter, back in the mighty Visalia ZONE!! And it's wonderful! My new companion's name is Elder Blume. He is AWESOME!! He and I are like 2 literal peas in a pod! He is super funny. We love to goof off (which is good and bad, but we're getting a handle on it). He's been out just a little longer than I have. He's from the Ogden, Utah area.  He turns 20 on New Years (mom you should send him a gift!). He's the 2nd out of 5 (I believe...he's not in the room right now so I can't reaffirm that). Overall, Elder Blume is a fun, hardworking, serviceable (he's the most service minded missionary I've ever met! ),and very humorous!

Exeter is pretty cool. I'm in a car!! After almost a year of biking, I finally made it back to a car area!! Woohoo!! We actually cover a few different cities besides Exeter. We cover Farmersville, Woodlake, Three Rivers, and a few other places. We even are allowed to go proselyte up in the Sequoia National park area (but we don't have the miles for that)! We have a good amount of investigators. But we are going to be cracking down this week on whose going to progress an who is not. 

We found 3 new investigators this week (well...they're all new to me). We found a Scottish family (William and Chelsea and their 7 year old daughter Tabitha). They are really cool and very bible versed. They are interested in how we believe that we have prophets here on the Earth today and that they are like prophets of old. We actually found out that earlier in William's life...he was baptized a member of our church!! It was crazy! 

The other two are named Ray and Sasha. They are a referral from one of the members of the stake presidency here. We went over to another members home and taught them the first lesson. It went very well. Sasha had questions bout why we need to be baptized an why we need to have the priesthood to do so as well.

I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON!! And if you haven't had the chance yet...go check out the Church's new Christmas video! It is AMAZING!! GO to and check it out!! 
Love you all,

Elder Richardson

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