Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Air Bags don't feel so nice

Dear Family and Friends,
This past week has been awesome!!! Last week I had the opportunity to go to Yosemite and it was soooooooo much fun!!! Some members took us and it was lots of fun!!! i got to hike 12 miles which was amazing!! Not much else happened that was too exciting this week.  We had to 2 investigators drop us this week which was disappointing but we are bouncing back hard by parking our car a block a way from our appointments and talking to EVERYONE we see on the way!! We have about 7 new appointments this next week because of it!!
Ok so here's a story that happened on this wonderful preparation day today, i was driving down the road and my light was green and apparently this lady in the turn lane on the other side thought her light was green too no she turned right in front of me. I put both feet on the brake and slammed them down as hard as I could!  I hit her front of the car and honestly I felt like I was in an explosion. Just to let you all know, airbags don't feel as awesome as they look. And mine didn't excatly work all the way and I ended up hitting my head on the steering wheel causing a massive headache. Funny thing is the girl that pulled in front of us got out and immediately said it was my fault. i just kind of looked at her and with a smile on my face said, "Hi nice to meet you too. I'm not too hurt just a bad headache. I'm Elder Richardson. Are you ok Ma'am?" She was very surprised and finally realized that she was kind of mean in what she did and said sorry. Other than a massive headache and whiplash I am pretty much ok. My companion got out without a scratch though! I know the Lord definitely protected the both of us from getting too injured though and i am so thankful for that! But ya that about wraps it up for the week . i love you all sooo much! Till next week!!!
Kuv Hlub Kaj!

Elder Richardson

Our Car

Bad Headache After Accident

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