Monday, October 26, 2015

Holloween - Learning HMONG

So this week my companion and I did some fun things! we decorated our apartment for Halloween!! (thank you mom for the package!) And we absolutely love it! I'm starting to really understand Hmong a lot better and can usually keep up in the conversation! As for my speaking....that's definitely still a work in progress, but i will get there! I want to become a Hmong Elder so badly!! And i will get there slowly but surely!! 

I found out like a week and a half ago me and Cogi have the same Hmong name. So he put me in their family! The mom even calls me her son in Hmong now! And Cogi is my older brother (Big Jer) and I am obviously his younger brother (little Jer). I love Cogi more and more everyday. And on Tuesday, he told me that he finally gets to see his kids that he hasn't seen in over 5 years!!!!!!!!  I guess you could say...I was a little excited. Also, we comitted two investigators to get baptized in November!! One's name is Christina whose like 48 and she is alright. Her date isn't completely solid cause it took us a half hour for her to give us a straight yes or no answer about baptism. But hey she said yes!!! And the other one's name is Sam, he's 24 and stays at home all day raising chickens. He knows the BOM is true and reads it without us telling him too! Christina is getting baptized November 21 and Sam is on November 14.

Last thing...I LOVE MY COMPANION!! He is a straight gift from God! We get along so well and we love each other and make fun of each other all the time!! (it's a guy thing) We pretty much do everything except snuggle...but hey that's ok! We still sing every Mormon gospel song known to man at the top of our lungs! Well, that's all for this week. 

Kuv Hlub Koj, 
Elder Richardson
Big Jer and Little Jer
Halloween Decorations 1

Halloween Decorations

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