Wednesday, September 30, 2015


     I've been out on my mission for a month!!!! Holy crap!! Its gone by too fast!!! My HMong gets better everyday and my fridge just keeps filling up with more and more rice! Ok so this past week has absolutely been amazing!! On Tuesday I was able to testify to an  investigator about recovering from addiction and it made him cry! His name is Cogi and I got him to commit to stop smoking so he can get baptized on October 17! He's my favorite investigator ever! So my Hmong name that I was given means youngest son and  turns out thats his name too!!! So he calls me Little Cher and I call him Big Cher! He told me that I am now his brother! 
     Thursday was even more exciting cause we picked up 5 new investigators!!! And we are going to be teaching them all this next upcoming week! On Sunday we went to an old folks home and I had a very interesting experience...We went to give sacrament to 2 Hmong members staying there and there were 3 beds in there room, 2 for the couple and one with an old white lady. The Hmong couple only spoke Hmong so I wasn't much help to my companion. I was standing there smiling and looking pretty and the lady in the 3rd bed calls me over to her! her name is Annabelle and i think she has short term memory loss cause every few minutes she would look at me and ask who I was. When she first called me over she asked my name, told me i was cute, and that when I got off my mission she wanted me to marry her grandaughter! Thi happened 5 more times but with a new grandaughter she wanted me to marry each time. After that we played solitaire together cause that was her favorite game! in the end when I had to leave she kissed my hand and said i'm going to make a great grandson for her! 
So ya that was awesome! Thats all for this week! i love you all!!1 Next week i'll update you on my trip to Yosemite i took today!!!

Elder Richardson :)

MEE (that's really her name), Desmond next to me, me(Daniel), and my companion Elder Pace.
They are my favorite recent converts ever!


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