Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween / Airplane Service

Nyob Zoo!, 
SO this past week was pretty awesome! Every other Tuesday my companion and I go to this plane museum and help kill wasps and pull weeds and stuff. But then we are aloud o go explore the museum. Well this past week I was exploring with one of my favorite Elders (Elder Smith) and we found out that we can get on top of the planes by pushing random buttons on the side of the planes hat cause ladders to sprout out! He and I are pretty close ( he was also a wrestler back in high school so we are pretty comfortable with each other...). We took pictures on the plane and then saw some workers coming so we hid on top of the plane until they drove away. It was a close call but we jumped off before they came back. It was lots of fun. 

Halloween was pretty fun, the recent converts brought up two other Hmong Elders from Fresno (basically our best friends) and we played at a park for about an hour and the had some intense volleyball/basketball games at the church for 6 hours!! SO ya that was a pretty eventful Halloween.

So after the prayers and fasting of everyone in the Merced stake....we finally got rain!!! On Monday it started raining at like 4 in the morning and didn't stop till about 9 that night! it was awesome!! 

This Saturday we have a BAPTISM!!!! And I couldn't be more excited!!! She is Hmong and I am most likely going to baptize her (I've said about 5 words in Hmong to her total and she absolutely adores me more than my companion for some reason but hey I'm not complaining). So ya I'll take lots of pictures for you all to see! Kuv Hlub Koj! 

Elder Richardson

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