Monday, November 16, 2015

Zone Conference and Cool Swords/knives!!

Was Up My Hittas, 
    So this past week was awesome!   We also had a zone conference this week that was amazing!! These Elders gave a training about being Exactly Obedient and I've never been more excited to be obedient in my life!!! They talked about Alma and Amulek and their journeys and teachings throughout the land and how because they were always obedient, not only were they saved from a burning fire but they converted thousands of people!!! I left that conference so pumped and just ready to kill people with the gospel (in a spiritual sense). 
     Also, i went on an exchange this week and we went to this members house who had this INSANE sword collection!!! I was in HEAVEN! He has a sword from the Civil War that still had blood stains on it!! 
    It's been raining a bit up here but that's about it! But we have another baptism this Saturday that we are preparing for!
     Love you all!!, 
Elder Richy

Asian machete!

Don't get me agree.

Civil War Swords at an investigators house - he collects them.

I like to play with big knives!! :) 

Fog every morning.

At the other Hmong missionaries' apartment there's a big drawing of Navoo.  Pretty cool.

Just a cool selfie.

I know what you're thinking... was the car in motion?  We may never know.

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