Monday, February 15, 2016

1st Transfer on my Mission



So on Tuesday morning I had to separate from Elder Pace (hardest thing of my mission thus far). I got him to cry! It's his first time crying on his mission and i'm the one who got him to do it! Our last 4 1/2 months together i will never forget. He is an amazing, missionary, teacher, and friend. he is going to amazing things is Merced as a zone leader now. I will miss the awesome duets we used to do in our car while we were jamming out.

Anyways, I got transfered to Porterville now!!! My new companions name is Elder Brenneman! He's a super awesome, fun loving, red head who loves to joke around as much as I do! We absolutely love each other already!! He can do a super awesome Kronk voice ( from Emperors New Groove)!

On Wednesday we went to the church for an hour to get some paperwork done (yes, missionaries have to do sucks) and we come back out and my bike was stolen!!! All that was left was my companions bike and my helmet was lying on the ground! So at least I got to walk home safely!! 

On Thursday we went and tracted out a Hmong referral that some other Elders had sent us and I was alone in speaking Hmong for the first time! But all is well!! I spoke as much as I could and he ended up saying we could come back!! I'm so excited to practice more Hmong!! 

On Sunday we have church at 10 and it was really weird being in a ward of not just Hmong people...
I'm not sure how I feel about it yet...

That's all for this week though! Love you all! 

Love you guys!!
Elder Richardson!!

I was able to come back on Saturday to see Emily get Baptized!  Awesome!

Hard to say goodbye!

SUNGLASSES!  We didn't want a picture with us crying.

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