Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Eyebrows Threaded - The PRICE IS RIGHT!

June 13, 2016

Dear all you beautiful people out there,

This last monday after I emailed, Elder Crosby, Elder Taylor, Elder Sparks, and I went to the mall! Elder Sparks and Elder Crosby went and got 20 minute massages while Elder Taylor and I went and got our eyebrows threaded!!! (ELder SParks and Elder Crosby talked us into it). Let me just say that it hurts!!! My eyebrows were super sensitive the rest of that day and the next!!! but, Elder Taylor's and my eyebrows are now ON FLEEK!!! We are two of the most handsome devils in Visalia now because of how ON POINT our eyebrows are now! 

Later that night we went to Jada's to start teaching her the new member lessons!!! She says that she still feels the SPirit from her baptism and we talked about how the Holy Ghost can always be her constant companion now as long as she is worthy of it! 

on Tuesday we went on exchanges, Elder Taylor came to my area for the day while Elder Sparks went to Elder Crosby's are with him. Elder Taylor and I had LOADS of fun!! We went to dinner that night at the Johnsons (awesome family in our ward; all of the families are awesome though) and they had that Jelly bean game called Bean Boozled! Elder Taylor and I probably ate about 12 Jelly beans each and spit out about 10 of them!! They were so GROSSS! For some of them we even did 2 at a time and both got the combination of booger and barf! It was pretty nasty! Dinner was great and made those nasty jelly bean tastes go away.

on Wednesday, Elder Crosby had to go with some other District Leaders to a meeting in Fresno so Elder Taylor stayed with Elder Sparks and I for another 8 hours!! It was awesome! Tri-panionships are tons of fun on bikes!!! We went to Jasmines (newer investigator) and taught the Restoration! The Spirit was super strong and we invited her to be baptized on the 25th of June!! We're so excited for her! She is 20 though, so we might have to hand her off to the YSA  Elders. but we're still happy for her!! 

on Friday, our ward had a party that we went too! The theme was based off the TV show, "The Price is Right". it was awesome! And the theme of it was based on Food Storage and it's importance! We were able to get a Less Active family to come and their 11 yr old daughter was picked to be a contestant and won the even she was in!!! It was definitely a good experience for them. That's about it for this week though! I love you all!!

Elder Richardson

Elder Taylor getting his eyebrows done

THE PRICE IS RIGHT! - Food Storage Theme

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