Tuesday, June 21, 2016


May 30, 2016

Dear supporters of the Elder Richardson mission!, 
This past week has been filled with many adventures! 

So the garden continues to double in size every week!! I forgot to take a picture of it this past week or else I would totally show y'all!! but it is awesome!! 

We found 2 new investigators this past week! Their names are Bill and Victor and they both have a pretty good knowledge of the Bible and some very good questions to back them up too! They are both pretty cool though. Bill has just recently lost his wife too cancer back in January and was wondering if he will be reunited with her as husband and wife again; and Victor has questions about having prophets here on the earth today. Good questions right? What makes this better is that we answered their questions using the Bible and then introduced the Book of Mormon to them and said that could help answer more of their questions and they both committed to read it!!

SO, we have a baptism this Saturday for Jada!! And we are more than excited for her! Elder Sparks is going to be baptizing her and it's his first time baptizing so i am more than thrilled for him!! 
Nicole is still working to stop smoking by the 4th so she can be baptized on the 18th of this month! So please pray for her! She really wants to stop but doesn't have a lot of faith in herself that she can cause she has been smoking since she was 12 years old!!!

Yesterday after church we got a call to go to the hospital and give one of our members a blessing. His name is Brother McNabb; he's 81 and has congestive heart failure and pneumonia. He is the sweetest old man you will ever meet though! So if y'all could send a prayer his way that he will be ok as well that would be great!  That's all for this week!1 i love you all and hope you're all doing great!!

Elder Richardson

PS:  Elder Pace (my trainer) is home now.  it's just crazy to me. I'm so happy I got serve with my best friend though.

Elder Taylor and I wanna get some different colored suits ;) - see below:

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