Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jada Got Baptized

June 6, 2016

Where to begin...
On Thursday we had a team up with us and we went to drop by a less-active member's house and she let us right in even though we were unexpected. We went inside and one of her friends were there. We talked with them all for a while and then Elder Sparks and I did A little overview of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Afterwards we asked if she'd like to learn more and she said yes!! her name is Valerie and she loves what our church does. She loves the fact the we have missionaries who serve the Lord full time for 2 years and wishes other Christian groups would do it too! We're going back on Friday to have another lesson with her!

Friday morning we got up and got ready right away and went to an 8th grade promotion/ graduation thing for one of our less active members who are starting to come back to church!! It was a solid 94 degrees and everyone was dying and I was just sitting there like, "This isn't even hot people!" I didn't even break a sweat while others were out there practically melting! Props of growing up in AZ :). It was cool though. I've never heard of a promotion ceremony to high school but it was fun! They kinda treated it like they were like really graduating high school though. Kinda a sad day when they realize they still have 4 more years to go!!!

On Saturday was jada's baptism and it was awesome!!!!!!1 We started a little late but it happened! She got baptized! After about 2 years she has finally gotten baptized! I'm so proud of her and the steps she is taking to continue to better her relationship with God. 

On Sunday, a little 8 year old boy who literally could be my brothers twin got up and bore his testimony. the Spirit was so strong while he bore it and he even started crying and had to stop so he could wipe away his tears! At that point is when the WHOLE congregation started just bawling because of this little boys testimony. It was so simple but it was so genuine which is what made it so powerful. That can be the same as all of us. We may not all have HUGE testimonies of the gospel, but if our testimonies our genuine, no matter how long, can be some of the most powerful tools in our lives. Just like the scriptures say,"By small and simple things can great things come to pass". I love you all1! And hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to their summer so far!! 

ELder Richardson

Left:  I broke a branch off a tree by accident....don't know my own strength still. I was kinda playing with it and ripped it clean off.
Right:  I need an umbrella to protect me from the heat of the moon. :) 


I took this on Wednesday and they have already doubled in size again!! The corn reaches the top of my chest now!! Ad the squash and cantaloupe have flowers now!! 

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