Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Primary Cuts Off My Tie - Captain Moroni-Bear - Funny!

JUNE 20, 2016

Dear everyone,
So we've had a number of things happen this week.
On Monday after emailing, The Avengers (Elder Crosby, Taylor, Sparks, and I) all went to a sports park here and town and played football and baseball! It was tons of fun! That night we went out on a team up with a recently moved in member who is recovering from getting shot in the arm by a gun!! So he can only drive one-handed and it was kinda sketch the entire time driving with him cause it's his non dominant hand that he has to drive with! 

On Thursday we had a lesson with our investigator John and we invited him to baptized!!! John said that when he comes to know it's true he would love to be baptized! john is an honest truth seeker that wants to follow God the best that he can. We left him Moroni 10: 3-5 to read and we're seeing him tomorrow to see what he thought about it.

We went and taught Jada almost all of her new member lessons. She and her mom are both excited for when she turns 12 so that she can go do baptisms for the dead!  And her mom is starting to work on going through the temple.

On Sunday night Elder Sparks and I walked in and noticed that our leather chair was gone. Immediately we went searching around the house and found it in our bedroom. Turns out our District Leader (he has a key to our apartment) and his companion came by and moved it and left a little surprise in it for us. It was pretty funny. i hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!!! love ya!

Elder Richardson

P.S. So on Sunday we went into the Primary for a little activity. The kids were learning a song and the better they sang, the more of our tie they would cut off! Eventually it got to the point where the the kids were just screaming the song so that our ties would get cut off! it was so much fun!! haha they gave us other ties to put on though so we didn't actually have one of ours cut off.



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