Tuesday, September 15, 2015

MTC Final

9/3/15 - 
Hello to all the supporters of the Elder Richardson Mission Party!!!!!!!! How are all of you!? I'm great! The MTC is flipping amazing! The first day I got here was soooo slow! It felt like 4 years put into one day!!! But since then it has absolutely flown by!! Ok first off, I found a picture that explains how the food is here: Jeremiah 4:19. Look it up...it's interesting. Haha anyways, my comps name is Elder Halliday, I love him. He's a really fun guy who has an amazing testimony. For all of you that are thinking of serving missions, DON'T TAKE NAPS!!!! GET OUT OF THAT HABIT ASAP!! It will destroy you the first couple of days at the MTC. And be ready for a gospel overload! They pack so much information into you in 12 hours it's insane but you learn so very much!!! And my testimony has grown soooooooooooooo much. I know this gospel is true with every ounce of my being I know it is. I'm basically foaming at the mouth to get out to California already!!! I just cannot wait!!!! I hope you are all doing well. Unfortunately the computers here are modified so that you cannot send pictures and it sucks! So I will send pictures when I finally get to Fresno in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW I won't be able to email for two weeks because when I finally get to Fresno I will have already missed that week’s P-day! I love all of you so very much and am praying for all of you!! Email all of you in two weeks!! #1weekdown103togo!

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