Wednesday, September 23, 2015

HOT PEPPERS / KUA TXOB (sounds like "quit" and "saw" put into one word)

Hiya Everybody!!! Lots of exciting news for this week!!!! To start....the unthinkable happened! I got a hair cut last Monday!!! I had to cut off my curly locks yet again! At first I didn't like it but now it's really growing on me! And just to let everyone know that are planning to serve missions. If you get called to learn another language and get to go to the MTC to learn your foreign language... I severely envy you...Not!! Learning a language out in the field is 10 times easier than at the MTC! You catch on with In-field experience! But it is still super hard! how it works is that one word can be said in 8 different tones and then turn into 8 different words! So the other night at dinner with a member i was trying to say no thank you I'm full, but i ended up saying "No thank you I farted". The member and his whole family erupted into laughter and I had no idea i said that until my companion told me 2 minutes later!! So ya, kinda embarrassing but still hilarious. .Oh and Hmong people love to send you home with more food then you actually ate. As a result: we took home about 5lbs of rice...Hmong people lovvve rice. Rice Everything! Anything you can think of they put rice in it...It's crazy! 
one last crazy story though. So Hmong people basically praise these peppers called kua txob (sounds like quit and saw put into one word). Anyways they are super hot. We had a member give us a full bag of them. So being the mature missionaries that my companion and I are...we decided to both eat 5 at the same time. What came next was the worst 10 minutes of my life. i immediately started bawling and my entire body was on fire. After 10 mintues of hell fire. I stared feeling better and then about 5 minutes later i threw up...and my comp took pics of the whole thing...Moral of the story: if you and your companion each eat really hot peppers and suffer together, you bond about 10 times faster. 
Last thing, the members here really love me cause they bought my comp and i some dope shades for when were cruising around town!! 
Love you all! Hope your week is amazing!! 
Kuv Hlub Koj!

Elder Richardson

Let's do this!!

I got this.

No Prob!

Notice the tear dripping down his right cheek.

I hope I thew it all up!

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