Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First week in Fresno - WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT HMONG?

9/14/15 -

Ok!!! SO a lot has happened this past week! On Wednesday I said goodbye to my district that I have come to know and love so very much, which was super hard. I also had to say goodbye to the last piece of home that I was privileged enough to bring with me. That's right. I had to say goodbye to Keith (Elder Thompson). After I said goodbye the real fun began though! My companion and I left for the airport at 6 and our flight left at 10:40. Got there at about noon. Btw theres a drought and forest fires here...so the air freaking sucks!!!! But anyways we got there and were met by Pres. Clark and his wife. Really sweet people, I love them already. They took us to a stake center in Fresno where we were welcomed by a huge group of missionaries! We did this thing called open your mouth and basically they set missionaries up with other missionary and you go out tracting! just a as like a welcome to the mission field experience! it was lots of fun. That night we (there was 18 of us total) stayed at the assistants house and woke up he next morning and I made pancakes for everyone!!! So  Thursday after we got ready we went back to the stake center to get paired up with our trainers!!!!!!!! I got Elder Pace (this super awesome fun elder who loves to sing as much as I do so we jam in the car to David Archeleta and Vocal Point!!). But the really awesome news is that Elder Pace is a Hmong missionary. And President Clark told me right when I got my companion that I have the opportunity to go bilingual!!!!!!! SO I have 12 weeks to learn as much Hmong as I can and if I know it well enough then I will be switched over to a Hmong misssionary!!!! Annnnnnnd! if that wasn't enough already!, I've been here 5 days and already witnessed my first baptism!! The goal for the mission this year is to reach 1000 and we're at 600 something! So if you could Pray for us it would be much appreciated!!! Anyways, I gotta go. Write back in a week!! Kuv Hlub Nej Sawv Daws!!!!!!! (thats Hmong. you can go translate it your self if you want! Bye! ;0
Elder Richardson (Richy)

Elder Pace - My Trainer

This is my group from the MTC and our trainers.

Having fun!! - The POSE!

Pa.  She got baptized on Saturday. :)

Some members made us Sushi at the church.


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