Monday, February 15, 2016

1st Week in New Area


This week was amazing! It rained EVERYDAY! And something new happened to me, I finally found a reason to hate rain. I HATE riding a bike in rain. IT SUCKS!! Riding a bike in the rain is awful because you get soaked form head to toe and every little piece of mud you accidentally run over gets flung right back up at you. Bu I'm proud to say I can ride my bike with no handle bars now! I like to pretend I'm a bird flapping it's wings while flying off into the distance! It makes me feel cool mostly though. 
We found 9 NEW INVESTIGATORS this past week just through street contacting! Elder Brenneman and I are killing it out here in Porterville and are excited for our baptism that we have this weekend (the first of many). They are 2 girls named Destiny (11) and her sister Megen (9). They aee super cool and know and comprehend a lot about the gospel! I'm so excited for them!! 

These past 2 weeks I was also able to go back up to Merced for some baptisms for 2 different investigators that I taught! It was so awesome and I'm so proud of Emily and Nancy and their decisions to be baptized! 

Hope you all had a great week! Kuv Hlub Nej
Elder Richardson

Riding in the rain

Elder Brenneman crashed - he's okay.

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