Monday, February 15, 2016

Tracted a Couple Buying Prego


This week has been awesome! I love the rain sooooo much! It has been super rainy!! 

This past week we picked up 2 investigators (guy and fiance who were high school sweethearts and got prego) who are pretty solid about getting baptized on the 20th. The only problem is that the fiance is on probation, and church policy is that she has to get interviewed by President Clark before she can get baptized! But I think they will be fine! We also just have to get them that will be an interesting topic to bring up. It's really weird, a lot of people in Porterville are basically married, but don't want to actually be "legally" married. It's like they are afraid if they actually do get married that life will suddenly change even though people have been together for like 30+ years sometimes. 

Also, on Saturday we had our baptism!! It was GREAT!! Stressful...but great! We started the baptism about 25 minutes late cause we were waiting for people to bring Destiny and Megan clothes to change into but the rest of the program went very well! 

2 days ago Elder Brenneman and I went and contacted some Hmong people and I have my first real ALL Hmong appointment (by myself) tonight at 8 (pray for me dearly cause I am going to need it more than life itself). 

Other than that nothing else really happened! I hope everyone had a great week and is enjoying the rain in AZ!! 


New District 

Elder Richardson

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