Monday, February 15, 2016



Was up guys,

This past week has been crazy in the sense that we found 11 NEW INVESTIGATORS this week! WE  LITERALLY talked to everyone and don't take no for an answer! We picked up a few former's as investigators again and are excited to start re-teaching them! 
We set a few dates in March and May for some of our investigators and got 3 of them to church this week! 
Other than that the only other thing that was super exciting this week was the fact that I Rolled my ankle on Saturday playing basketball. I landed on some guys foot coming down from a rebound and my ankle was on the floor before the rest of my leg was and felt two distinct pops. Long story short, if you were to take two really big eggs and put them on the side of your foot and ankle, that's what my foot looks like. I am getting xrays tomorrow to see what the verdict is! Hopefully it's nothing and I'm just being a wuss about it! I've been on crutches the past few days though so we'll see.
Saturday night we had a Valentines dance and I got to dance on my one foot with my cute date, ELder Brenneman! It was tons of fun! Hope everyone had a great week and Happy Late Valentines Day!

Elder RIchardson

Being 'EXACTLY' Obedient - No caffeine :)

Valentines decorating

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