Monday, February 15, 2016

ANGER subdued with SPIRIT

So this week Just very spiritual altogether.

To start on Tuesday we got to go to the temple and it was amazing! I seriously just love the temple sooooo much and I'm so blessed to be able to have one to go to while on my mission! 


Then on Thursday we had this AMAZING zone conference where I was very spiritually chastised but also very spiritually uplifted as well! 

On Friday is where the Spiritual fire hit it's max though. Friday night we didn't have any set appointments that night so instead of going in early (I HATE going in early and avoid going in early at almost ALL cost) we went walking around to find people. We walked a couple miles and then turned back so we could get in before curfew. We were on our way back and I saw this shortcut through a lodge (bar) parking lot so we took it. We were going through and we saw this guy and his wife next to smoking next to his truck and went to talk to them! We walked up and said hi and he said, "I don't talk to Mormons." So I asked if I could just shake his hand and he hesitated then said yes and Elder Brenneman asked him Why he doesn't talk to Mormons. he answered w and said, "Well have either of you smashed a bottle over your head?" To which both of us And he said that's why he doesn't talk to Mormons. We continued trying and he finally said he'd give us a chance to "sell him our religion". We clarified that we don't "sell" our religion we just go around talking about and help people grow their faith in Jesus Christ. After getting to know him a bit more and teaching him a little about God's plan for us his drunk buddy came out and says and I quote, "Hello Satan!", individually to both Elder Brenneman and I. We say hi and continue teaching and he interrupts and slides uncomfortably close to Elder Brenneman so he can get "comfortable while we teach". As time went o he went off on us, while using profanities with I kid you no...every other word, and told us how we are a cult and how we're going to burn in hell and that the Bible doesn't teach us "$h@!" as well as a lot of other things. During this 5 minute rant at us my anger is building pretty high but I can also feel the Spirit really well too. For those of you that really know me, you all know that if you piss me off enough I will explode at some point. And I was getting to that point. I HATE people telling me I'm living my life wrong and that I don't know anything. I hate when people get in my friends faces and threaten me. And he was doing all of the above and more! But like I said, I felt the spirit very strongly, and honestly I could not open my mouth to say what I wanted to say. I was ready to chew/beat the crap ouit of this drunk guy but I LITERALLY could not talk! It turns out, the whole time he was going off on us I had he biggest smile on my face and this guy stopped near the end of his rant and said, "and this kid! I want knock his mother!@$%ing teeth out right now cause all he does is smile." TO which I responded (and this is the only thing that came out, this was the last thing that I wanted to say) "I'm just so happy!" and shook my head! He stopped for a second cause I caught him off guard and he then used me smiling as more proof that our religion is a *insert profanity here* cult! 
After he finished, Elder Brenneman and I bore on last testimony while the whole time after every two words the drunk friend kept telling us to "F$@ off" and we left. 
When we got home we talked about what happened and both of our experiences and how we had both felt the Spirit sooo strongly during that whole thing! Elder Brenneman said he felt so comfortable and knew that even if that guy had swung at him, he knew i was ready to intercept and maul him if needed be. 
Overall, that whole experience was a HUGE testimony builder for me. I KNOW this church is true. People can say, scream,etc...whatever they want at me and that's not going to change my mind. I'm so happy to be here in Porterville and I'm so happy to have been able to a plant a spiritual seed in those two gentleman's hearts that will one day help them really be prepared to here the gospel form some other missionaries. Ilove you all so much and hope you have a great week! 
Till next time,

Elder Richardson 

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