Thursday, May 26, 2016



Dear everyone,
Holy cow this week has been fun!!
On Monday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and Elder Taylor (missionary in my district) decided to do the 'Blazin' Challenge. The 'Blazin' Challenge is 12 wings with their hottest sauce straight out of the oven and you have top do it in 6 minutes! And if you do it the meal is free and you get a free shirt! So seeing the opportunity to save money Elder Taylor and I both ordered a Blazin Challenge. And we did it! It wasn't even hot (thanks the Hmong peppers for ruining spicy foods for me for life)!!! I did it in 5:40 and Elder Taylor did it in 5:47!! It was tons of fun doing it at the same time as someone else and would do it again in a heartbeat! After that we went to Lowes and bought startups for our garden!!! We have 12 corn, 2 watermelons, 1 squash, 1 cucumber, and 1 cantaloupe!! And they are all doing well and are excited to keep growing!! We tore apart the rocks we had in our backyard and tilled up the ground and got right to work! The corn has already grown like 5 inches! Our "kids" are growing up so fast! 
On Tuesday our district leader had to go to something Fresno and got a ride with a member so we got to use their car!! We  knew we only had the one day with the car so we knew we had to go all we found an extra suit that had been here from a past missionary, a shirt that's a little ripped up from one of my bike accidents, a belt, and a tie, and we dressed up Elder bear!!! We even put one of my Hmong name tags on him and then we put him in the back seat of our car!! Haha it was so much fun and lots of people thought he was so cute!!! A little later we went and helped a less active member move a bed into another room and found out he's missing 3 toes!! Isn't that cool?! HAHA because we helped them they offered to take us to home town buffet this next Monday! We're excited for that! 
On Wednesday, we went over to Jada's and solidified her date for June 4th for her baptism. Her family is going to be coming from LA and Utah so it's going to happen for sure!!! 
On Friday we went to a ward barbecue and saw one of our old investigators their! It was nice to see him again even though he was a little awkward around Elder Sparks and I.
on Saturday we went over to Nicole's and talked to her about her baptism again. She truly committed to be baptized on June 18th!! She even came to the Addiction Recovery Program meeting the next day at the institute building.
Today, we went with like 10 other missionaries up to the Sequoias! It was a blast!! We're all exhausted but the sights are absolutely breath taking and worth the hikes!!! 
That's all for this week!! Love you all!! Hope everything is going well for you!!

Elder Richardson
Proselyting with "Elder Bear"
We saw a wild Bear out in this green meadow!!    
That's a BEAR in the distance

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