Thursday, May 26, 2016

Staying in Visalia!


Dear Peeps,
Garden update: The corn has doubled in size already!!It's crazy to see how big it's gotten already!! And Samantha the watermelon (yes we named all of our garden plants....)is doing very well too!! 
This week was pretty exciting! On Thursday we did service from 8 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon for our investigator Nicole!!! Again I have to give credit to my parents for making me pull weeds when i was younger! Cause we definitely got our fair share of weeds that day!! it was all worth it though because nicole only had 3 cigarettes that whole day because of us being there to help her not do it!!! 
On Friday we had a zone conference and Elder Cardon of the seventy was their!!! It was a really awesome conference and I definitely learned a lot to help me be an even better missionary! 
On Saturday we had transfer calls!!!1 Annnnnnnnnnnndddddd (drum roll please) Elder Sparks and I are staying together in Visalia!! We are pretty happy about it too. We were both worried one of us might get transferred and didn't want to be because we both know that there is more work for the both of us to do here together!! 
Also, on Saturday we found a new investigator named Teneya. She was a media referral from Salt Lake. We went by to visit her and talked with her at her front door. She has just recently moved from LA and talked with missionaries back in 2008. She has a pretty good knowledge of the Bible and is willing to learn more! We taught her the Restoration and the Spirit was SO STRONG! She set up 2 appointments in advance for us to come back! So we are going to see her Wednesday and Saturday!! We are going to invite her to be baptized on Wednesday as well so we are very excited!!
On Sunday we had stake conference and afterwards we went to Elder Crosby and Elder Taylor's apartment and had lunch! We cooked hamburgers and pasta! It was pretty yummy. 
That's all for this week! I love you all!!! 

Elder Richardson

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