Thursday, May 26, 2016



Dear cool kids,

Today's my birthday!! Yippee!! I'm 19 now!! Now I only have 365 more days till my next birthday!!! 
Haha Everyone keeps asking me what I'm doing for my birthday and I'm just like, "well we have these potential investigators we're going to see later tonight." SO ya! Another day in the life of a missionary!
This week was pretty fun! 
We picked up an investigator named Ericka this week! She's a single gal with 2 kids and really cool tattoos!! She is a strong Christian but is still in the middle of some intense soul searching. Which is perfect and she asks us all the right questions! We are going back to see her tomorrow to start reading the BOM with her tomorrow. 
We did a lot of service this week as well, Elder Sparks and I did about 20 hours of Service a piece this week! It was awesome! We helped a family move twice! Went and planted a ton of flowers for someone else, worked at an old folk’s home, etc...We are just serving machines!! And it is honestly a blast!! 
On Saturday our ward had a Desert Potluck with outdoor games activity that we were able to attend!! It was so much fun! We played wiffle-ball and kickball. And let's just say, I think the members enjoyed seeing me roll up my pant legs and get down and dirty with everyone else. Also, looks like I'm not allowed to play kickball with the ward anymore cause of how competitive I am. Haha just kidding I found a sister in the ward who's about as competitive as I am so it was ok!!! 
That's all for this week!! Love you all!! And everyone give your mom's a big ole wet one and tell her Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!!! 

Elder Richardson

I saw this random dog that was having a staring contest with me and wanted to take a picture without the people in the other car knowing...I won


Elder Sparks and I!!
I got to drive the  truck while towing all this stuff!! We call ourselves the Missionary Movers! We're pretty boss!

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