Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Dear peeps,
So this week I would like to thank my parents again for making me mow the lawn every Saturday morning cause we did a fun landscaping project for some other people this week and I hulked out and pulled a tree stump out of the ground! 
Also, I was able to brake not one but 2 bikes this week! Both of them happened while I was sitting on it and peddling like a normal person. Needless to say, because of all these injuries our area might be getting a car now!!!Woo!!!!!
Anyways, Elder Sparks and I have been on fire again this week and found another 3 investigators!! We have been talking with everything that breathes!!! (I started talking to a couple cats on our back fence at one point). It's been awesome!
We had this really fun street contact with this black guy who we are going to teach Saturday! As soon as we walked up he started rattling off scriptures at us and I can't remember how the conversation all went but I quoted John 3: 16-17 for him and then he said we could come by! I literally had just memorized it that morning for what I thought was no REASON!! But I definitely needed it! That's about it for this week though! Love you all!!

Elder Richardson

Matching Headbands
I found a SNAKE!!

Selfie with Elder Sparks
I HULKED-OUT this stump

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