Thursday, May 26, 2016



Happy Mother's DAY!!! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! This week Elder Sparks and I were on fire!! We found 8 new investigators this week! 
We picked up this girl named Monique is the girlfriend to another one of our investigators named Manuel and they both want to take the lessons together!! Then we found the Munoz family (family of 6) who have been taught by missionaries before but decided to give us another go! Elder Sparks, one of our members, and I went over on Wednesday night and were just a testimony POWERHOUSE to them about how much the gospel has changed our lives and how much it can change theirs!! We're going to see them again on Wednesday! Then we found a guy named Robert. He's a single father of I think 2 children. he has a strong faith in Christ but isn't thrilled about church! We're excited to help him continue to get closer to Christ though! 
We also set a date with an 11 yr. old girl named Jada for June 4th! She's part of a Part-member family that have been coming back to church more and more! 
Some funny things that happened this week: 
-my companion gave me a black eye while we were wrestling (he just threw elbows the entire time!!! What a cheater!! ) 
- Elder Sparks and I have this thing we do now called "Date Night". Ever Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night after we are in for the night we go out onto our little back patio and have a "date". The other night we had a tub of ice cream and some FRESH (like picked that morning from  the farm) STRAWBERRIES!!! It's awesome! We love doing it!
-On Wednesday morning we were helping a member move and they gave us a GIANT life size teddy bear! We named him Elder Bear and we make him do everything we do around the apartment so he doesn't feel left out. He's kinda creepy to look at at night though so we make him sleep in a chair in the other room.
- On Saturday we were walking down the street and a drunk bride yelled out the window for us to come to her house! We weren't going ionto until the car she was in pulled into a driveway 3 houses in front of us! So we kept walking and she came stumbling out of the car and yelled at us to "convert her". Her friends told us that she had just gotten married and was really nervous beforehand so she had a couple drinks. The kicker is she's like 5 ft even and a couple drinks gets her pretty much drunk off her rocker which why she was the way she was now. It was hilarious though. She even started to follow us down the street after we said bye! And a little while later we were walking back by the same house and saw her puking in her front yard! 
Mother's Day was awesome! I am so happy I got talk to my family! It was so cool! I hope you all did something to show your Mother that you love her!! That's all for this week! Stay tuned for next week cause Elder Sparks and I are planting a garden in our tiny backyard this week! We're hoping to grow some corn, cucumbers, squash, and watermelon! Love you all! 

Elder Richardson

Grilling at it's finest!

Elder Bear


Dinner with Collinwood Family

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