Tuesday, November 29, 2016


October 31, 2016

Dear family, friends, and random acquaintances I've met along the way, 

  This week we had a few miracles!

   So this WHOLE week we have gone over everyday to Mya and Robert's so that we could finish preparing them for baptism! It was really fun to go over there and finish teaching them all the lessons! 

  On Saturday, we had our baptism for Mya and Robert (he's a child of record)! It was awesome!! The Spirit was so strong! I'm so happy for Mya and Robert and this new step that they have taken in their lives. I know they will never regret! 

   And the next day at church we were sitting in gospel principles with the Hurtado family (returning less active family whose daughter and son we just baptized), and they said they're next goal is to get sealed in the temple as a family!!!!! That was so awesome to hear.

   We found an investigator through members this last week! Her name is Karen Jackezz (I think that's how it's spelled, it sounded weird when she first said it). She is a friend of the 15 yr old daughter in the family. We are so excited to start teaching her! Especially because the family is starting to become more active again. SO this is an amazing testimony builder to have them be able to testify to her about Christ's church! Karen definitely has some concerns and such about God, but we know that as we study for her, God will reveal to us what she needs to know. 

   Also, it finally rained this week!! It was only really bad on Friday, it poured for probably a good hour and a half or so. But it was wonderful to finally see some moisture here! That's all for this keek though!! 
   Hlub Nej,

Elder Richardson

Baptism - Mya and Robert

Mirror Selfie Pictures on Baptism day - Elder Witt didn't really want to take pictures with me.

We had a Rainy Day!

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