Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Feel My Savior's Love

October 24, 2016

Arizona peeps,

On Tuesday we had zone conference...and...I sang at it!!! Elder Cummings, Sister Abboussou, Elder Witt, and myself sang, "I Feel MY Savior's Love". The first verse Elder Cummings sang in Hmong, Second verse was everyone, Third verse was just the 3 Elders, and 4 verse was Sister Abboussou. Every time at the chorus we all came in again. At the end of the 4th verse..the last 2 lines Elder Cummings and I sang in Hmong. It was really awesome. The Spirit was super strong and I very much enjoyed doing it (I know..the Elder Richardson enjoyed singing in front of a big group of people, crazy right?).

After zone conference, Elder Hopkins and I went on exchanges in my area. We had a great time. For the first night, we had 0 set appointments and found ourselves at 8 PM with nothing to do...but we prayed and went back at it again. As we were riding down the street, I felt a prompting to stop and see a potential that lived right where we were riding by. We stopped, knocked on the wrong door!! Haha they weren't interested. I had to look up the address in some of my old planners in my bag. I found her house, it was 2 houses away. As we were going to walk to her house, I felt another prompting to knock on the house that we were just walking by (mind you it's like 8:10-8:15 , and it looks like it's like 9 PM outside!! SO not everyone likes us knocking doors that late). We knocked and since Elder Hopkins is a Spanish missionary it was like we hit a gold mine cause they told us that they only spoke Spanish...Elder Hopkins looked the people in the eye, grinned, and said, "Esta bien" and then went to work!! Haha it was awesome. Hopefully the other Elders will be able to go teach them soon!! We finally went by the potential's home and she let us in with open arms!! Her name is Lestar and she is awesome!! It was a little late so we decided we'll come by another day but hopefully she comes to church this Sunday! 

On Thursday I got to carve my VERY FIRST PUMPKIN!!! We did it with the Hurtados. It was super fun!!  Haha I carved the heart eyes emoji cause I'm adorable like that! 

On Saturday I got to do something that every missionary loves doing (said in very sarcastic tone)..we got to teach the Law of Chastity to Mya and Robert (9 and 8 years old). We used Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes to explain it!! Haha SIster Hurtado said she'll explain more to them after we left! 

Steven came to stake conference on Sunday!! It was awesome!!

We have a baptism this Saturday with Mya and Robert at 9 AM. Love you all!!!

Elder Richardson

Temple trip.   I'm front & center, the camera loves me.



 Looking cute on top of an airplane

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