Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Samoan Thanksgiving

November 21, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Early Thanksgiving!! 

This week was incredible! Elder Thornton and I were on fire!! We've been going through our ward list and seeing if people are living there or not and if they would like to have missionaries to come by. Basically we're updating the ward list for the ward so we can get them to trust us more. And while doing so we are finding new people to teach as well!! 

We found 5 new investigators!! One of my favorites that we found this week is named Mahesh Natarajan. He's a super cool Indian man that teaches yoga and is a massage therapist. We found him through his daughter Rea, who is friends with a girl in our ward named Abby Rogers. Abby told us to go see her friend and we did! Mahesh is super open to hearing about the gospel. He was raised Hindu but went to a Christian/ Catholic school, so he believes in a higher power. He was most interested to really start hearing our message when he found out that we sacrifice 2 years of our lives to go out and do missionary work!! We are excited to keep teaching him and start teaching his daughter as well 

And that's not even the least of it. We were surprised yesterday with something incredible. As of before Sunday, we had no solids for the month of November. Therefore we were not going to be able to help the mission reach the goal of the power of one!! But Sunday rolled around and our Bishop had us come into his office after church. As we walked into his office we saw one of our less active brothers in the ward sitting in the room. We sat down with him and Bishop and then was surprised with this wonderful thing: There daughter who is 8 right now wants to be baptized on her 9th birthday...which is on November 27th!!! We've already been teaching her in hopes of helping the family become more active and helping her get baptized. It's a miracle!! We just have to finish teaching her a few things (mostly tithing) and have her interview! Elder Thornton and I are so grateful. We know this is an answer to prayers of faith and hard work. But we also know that we can still work even harder and we are going to. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with Turkey and mashed potatoes! Haha I know I'm going to have a good time. I am going to a Samoan Thanksgiving this week. So you already know I'm going to be eating really well. And it's supposed to be a pretty big get together...so big that the family has rented out the cultural hall for Thanksgiving!! 

Love you all, 
Elder Richardson

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