Monday, April 11, 2016



This past week has been crazy. To start, we spent 3 days total running around from doctors office to doctors office all for my stinkin foot (which still hurts). My first doctors appointment they took xrays and then told me it was fractured. The second time we went in they told me it wasn't fractured, but at the very end of our visit they told me to come back the next day cause now they were unsure on whether or not it was fractured or not! And finally!, on Thursday they were still indecisive about what was actually wrong with it. Later that day we got a phone call while we were at a basketball game for one of our investigators and it was an orthopedic surgeon in another ward here and he said that my foot will be fine. The ligaments are just sprained and that it will heal over time. So after about a total of 8-10 hour of running around from the doctors office to an xray lab and back (multiple times) I got a 30 second phone call that said I'll be was hectic! But I had fun learning how to use crutches pretty well! I could crutch backwards, forwards, side to side, and even criss cross (I'm pretty much a pro). 
Next, we picked up a single mom and her 5 kids as investigators this week!!! they are awesome! And all but 1 play basketball! And they're really good too (the mom is white and the kids are black). Shauntell (17) is on girls varsity and is definitely one of the best ball handlers I've ever seen, Austin (15) is a freshman and has never played basketball before but has torn it up this year and will be playing on the varsity team next season, Notosha, Tosha, (12) is on her junior high varsity and is pretty good at her 3's, and Maiyela? (not sure if how it's spelled, 10) and she is the girls girl of the family and doesn't want to play basketball. They are a super awesome family and they are all very interested in our message. We have a lesson with them tonight and we're super excited! 
And then finally, we had transfers this weekend!!!! And believe it or not! I'm being transferred again! I have only been here for 1 transfer and I'm already leaving! I'm going to be heading to the Visalia 4th Ward to finish training an Elder whose only been out for 6 weeks! His name is Elder Herman and I'm excited to move again! Sad to leave Elder Brenneman but excited for my next adventure in a new area! 
Well that's it for this week! I love all you guys so much! 

Elder Richardson

P-Day Fun while my ankle heals - Our Handshake!!  19 steps and counting.

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