Monday, April 11, 2016



So  to highlight the main points of this week
-It rained
-I crashed another Elders bike
-it continued to rain a lot
At the start of this week it was nice and sunny but by Wednesday it was very rainy! Which is awesome!! Except when you're on bikes...But we make due! People seem to feel a little bit more it when two missionaries show up at their door soaked to the brim. And others don't feel like they should open the door at all. 
Anyways, it continued to rain the rest of the week and continued to soak us. 
Then, On Staurday I was crossing a main street and started skidding and ae cement in front of about 50 people!! I broke th bike and am now using another Elders bike! I love you all!! Hope you all had a fantabulous week!

ELder Richardson

I saw a Lamborghini.

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