Monday, April 11, 2016



Hey guys! How are you all? Having a good week? I'm going to be sending Adam and Haeley's cards either today or next Monday!! (they are growing up wayyyyyyyy to fast. I almost can't handle it. This week in testimony meeting a 16 yr old went up and talked about how his brother (who looks A LOT like Adam) was baptized Saturday. Needless to say I thought about how Adam is going to be getting baptized in less than a year and I started bawling. I'm so proud of him and all my siblings. I love them so much. Anything new happen this week? Miss you! 

So this week was crazy! a lady in our ward had her baby on the 29th!! A leap year baby!! She was 19 inches and is the cutest little newborn ever!! 
This week hurt a lot, we got dropped by our 2 most progressing investigators on the same day, both by phone call (imagine your boyfriend breaking up with you by text...that's how it felt). We tried the rest of the week to find some more people and were still coming up short by Sunday.
But we had a miracle! On Sunday at about 7:45 we still had no new investigators and had a little over an hour of proselyting left. We were riding to an appointment and I was thinking to myself about how this last weeks worth of finding had been. I realized that I wasn't giving all I could have been. Immediately i slammed on my breaks, turned to Elder Herman and apologized for not giving all that I have to give and told him that was changing right then. We talked to EVERYTHING that moved for the rest of the night!! At one point we were riding by a house and saw a lady washing dishes through the window and I slammed on my breaks and we went and knocked on her door. Turns out, they are a family of 4 an dare wanting to learn more about the church! We are gong back this Saturday @ 7 to teach them! Boom!! Just like that we found 4 new investigator!! The Lord blesses his servants that give their all and don't look back! I told Elder Herman that if he ever catches me slacking off like that again that he needs to call me out soo I can continue being the best missionary I can be~! I love you all! Hope you have a great week!
Elder Richardson

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