Monday, April 11, 2016



This week was pretty cool! 
On Monday after we got back from the Sequoias Elder Herman and I got to go work out with a recent convert and his little home gym set that he has. About half way through the work out he sees I was using some 50 lb dumbbells (the heaviest ones he has) for everything that we were doing and he asked me if I would use them back at the apartment. I told him I would and he said I could have them for free!!! I almost couldn't believe my ears and at first I refused and said I should at least pay him something and he told me it no that he was going to sell them on eBay anyways but I can have them since I'll use them. I was like a little kid on Christmas!! I got 2 free 50lb dumbbells to take back to the apartment and I have used them everyday since then!! 
On Wednesday we had to use the computers at the church for some of Elder Herman's training. On the way back I was riding with no handle bars (like always cause who steers a bike with 2 hands these days) and we were riding towards oncoming traffic and for some reason my bike started wigging out so I reach my hand out to steady the bike and then all of a sudden my bike drops out from under me and I decided to go on a slip n slide right next to oncoming traffic on the asphalt! I quickly hopped up and got onto the sidewalk before anything could happen and luckily the California drivers decided to be smart today and actually avoid something that was in the way of their tires (they usually are idiots and go speeding over whatever the heck is front of them) so my companion grabbed my bike for me. And for the next couple days my whole body was sore from head to toe cause I literally slid about another 5 feet past my bike. I'm ok now though!!! 
This weekend was General Conference!!! It was awesome! SO much was to be learned. I really loved Priesthood session this year. Holy cow President Monson is getting old though!!! His Priesthood Session talk was only 4 minutes!! I still loved it no matter what though. We went to a different place to watch conference to all but the last two sessions!! 
Yesterday after conference a lady called us up and asked if we could move her. She is a single mom that was getting evicted so of course we said yes!! We got another 2 Elders and went to work. We spent 4 1/2 hours moving this lady but it was all worth it and she is a potential investigator now!! The funniest thing is Elder Russel and I were moving a couch into the U-haul and we threw a blanket on top of it. As we threw the blanket on top of it a pouch fell out and I grabbed it and looked inside of it. It was a broken Bong!!! We soon found out that it was the daughter's (she's in college right now)! It was very funny and surprising and that daughter should be getting a very furious call from her mother today! Well that's all for this week! Love you all!!
Elder Richardson

Hands Hurt!
Shirt ruined.



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