Monday, April 17, 2017

2-13-17 Riding in the Rain

February 13, 2017 


I just want to start off and say, that I know my Heavenly Father loves me and everyone around me. And I am grateful for it. This past week has been interesting to say the least. 

We got handed back Laura (an investigator who we handed off to the YSA Elders because she's pregnant) and now...we are baptizing her this weekend!!! It's incredible!! She is SOLID! She has already been doing missionary work by giving her friend a Book of Mormon! We are so excited to have her here in the Exeter Ward! 

This week I got to go on Exchanges with Elder Petit in the Visalia 6th Ward. It was raining and we were on bikes. SO what did we do? We rode our bikes in the rain of course!!! We also were riding by a high school that had just gotten out, and let me tell you..., parents are CRAZY!! WE had to avoid kids and cars alike! I got to see a couple of members that I had met in the ward back when I was in the Visalia 4th Ward. One of them is named Lee. He is a convert to the church that is going to be getting endowed on the 25th of March THIS YEAR!!!! And then...he is getting married to another convert in the ward a month or two after that!!! 

The next day we had a couple hours before President Interviews, so we went out and talked with people for a bit! We ended up going and trying a lady's door and taught her the Restoration at her front door! It was awesome! We ended up finding her as a new investigator for their area!! Later on, we knocked a guy's door and as we were talking, he burnt his sandwich that he was grilling! He wasn't very interested in what we had to share but he was nice about it. Right before he was about to close the door, I jokingly said, "Well if you aren't going to eat your burnt sandwich, I know 2 missionaries who wouldn't mind eating it." At first he thought I was kidding (which I'm not sure if I was or not either at this point), but then he went got the sandwich!! SCORE! It was turkey and pepper jack cheese. We split it in half and once you got the past the burnt still wasn't very good. But it wasn't the worst thing I've ever eaten! 

That's about all for his week! Love you all!!

The gospel is true and it's changing my life and the life of others EVERYDAY!!!!

Elder Richardson

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