Monday, April 17, 2017

2-20-17 Picked Weed / Bore Testimony / Baptized

February 20, 2017

A lot happened this last week! 

Monday: We went with Brother Rogers to an investigators house. This investigator had some sort of bong or contraption to smoke weed with on his front table in his living room. He apologized at first for having it there, but then said, "I figure if the government is ok with us smoking weed, then God must be ok with it too." Haha we've got some teaching to do! He's really cool though! A really nice guy as well that works a lot!

Tuesday: We had exchanges with the Visalia 6th Ward Elders (Elder Jensen and Elder Petit). I went with Elder Jensen. While on the exchange, we saw some guy pulling weeds, so we went and helped him! Come to find out, he thinks Mormons are "deceived". And after we helped him, he started egging on a Bible bash!! We didn't join though. We testified of truth and then left. Glad we got to help him at least!!! 

Wednesday: I went with another missionary to a meeting in Fresno and learned about how to be a better leader. Afterwards, I went on splits with my Ward Mission Leader to go see Ray and Sasha to follow up about how they did with the Stop Smoking Program. They didn't make it very long unfortunately. I ended up teaching them faith unto repentance and testified of prayer at the end. After the lesson, I asked my Ward Mission Leader how I did and he told me I "kindly rebuked" them...Which I feel kind of bad about. Bu later that night, Ray sent a ext saying that he and his family appreciate us!

Thursday: On Thursday, we went on exchanges with the Farmersville Elders (Elder Facer and Elder Gibson). Elder Gibson cam with me into my area. We found 3 NEW INVESTIGATORS that day!! It was pretty awesome! We were talking to people like crazy. We also went and saw Laura and went over her baptismal program and a couple of other things for her baptism!

Friday: We went and saw Jessica with Brother and Sister Peterson! At the end of the lesson, Jessica told us she wanted to be baptized in running water....or basically, a river. We have to get permission for that! But we'll see!!! At least they want to get baptized right!?!

Saturday: We had Laura's baptism!! It was AWESOME to see her get baptized!! After the baptism, we went with some members that took Laura and got pizza! 

Great things happening and GREAT things to come here in the Exeter Ward! I love you all!!! 

Elder Richardson 


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