Monday, April 17, 2017

3-13-17 Good People Everywhere

March 13, 2017


I'm getting transferred! I'm going to be transferred to a city called Lemoore, which is still in the southern part of my mission.

I'm sad to leave Elder Blume and the wonderful people of the Exeter Ward, but I am excited for the new opportunity I have to go serve and love the people in Lemoore.

On Monday we dropped a couple of summary, they basically tried to hide from us and make us think that they weren't home...but hey completely failed and it was almost more sad… all the effort they put in to trying to hide from us rather than just telling us they weren't interested...oh well though! Just means that there is someone else that is prepared out there for us to go find!!!

On Thursday we went and saw a lady named Norma! She is a really kind Christian lady who definitely loves to help out those who don't always have the best of living circumstances. Unfortunately, because of this charity she has, she is basically getting kicked out of her home because her neighbors don't like the "riff raff" hanging around in their neighborhood. She really is just trying to help others though. But she will be moving probably to Visalia by the end of the month. As we taught her, she eventually told us she had a granddaughter who gave her a Book of Mormon! It's actually a nice triple combination! We committed her to read the introduction to The Book of Mormon and hope to go back soon and teach her how we got the Book of Mormon and that we have a living prophet here upon the earth today!

On Saturday we were on fire. We just were talking to people all throughout the day! We didn't really find too many people, but it just felt good to go talk to people and attempt to share the gospel with them!! 

I love you all!!!! Have a great week! Pray that I will have another Elder’s bike or just a bike in general for at least these next 2 weeks!! 

Elder Richardson

Elder Edwards and Elder Richardson

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