Monday, April 17, 2017

2-27-17 Tracting Late

February 27, 2017


So unfortunately, the baptism we had scheduled for this week DID NOT go through with. Some concerns came up. We hopefully will be able to go back over and settle the concerns our investigator has!

This week was still pretty fun though! On Thursday I got to go on exchanges with Elder James (Spanish missionary serving in Visalia)! We had a pretty good time! Knocked doors and talked with lots of people! We had a fun experience right before we exchanged back though! It was probably like 8:47ish or so at night and we were going to be meeting the other Elders at a destination to exchange back a 9. SO instead of just going to our place pf meeting and waiting there for the last 10 or so minutes, we decided to go knock some doors! Now, usually, I don't think people appreciate their door being knocked on so late at night (especially from missionaries!), but we had fun doing it anyways! We prayed and asked God that with one of the doors we knocked on, the guy would be happy to see us. We went and knocked on his door, and Gus (the man's name) opened the door still in sleep mode! So he was all smiley and just told us to come back another time! It was awesome!! 

We also went on exchanges with the zone leaders (Elder Van Vleet and Elder Arrebalo) on Saturday. Elder Blume and Elder Van Vleet went to town in Farmersville!  Meanwhile, Elder Arrebalo and I had some learning experiences on our own. Overall, a FUN exchange! I also got to do a baptismal interview for the Zone Leaders 9 year old investigator that got baptized on Sunday! I was a really neat experience! 

Love you all!!! Have a great week!!
Elder Richardson 

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