Monday, April 17, 2017

4-17-17 Temples - Plan of Salvation

April 17, 2017

Happy Belated Easter everyone!!!,

This week was another round of crazy and awesome like always!

Monday: After District Meeting I went on exchanges with Elder Nelson (Spanish missionary serving in Coalinga!). It was lots of fun! We had both Elders come down and they worked our area for the exchange.

Tuesday: We continued through the exchange and Elder Nelson and I went to town! We didn't teach a single lesson together! But we sure did hit the streets and talked to people!! It was awesome! We even had a guy insult the Church, but then turned around and thanked us for what we do!! It was awesome!! Tuesday night, after exchanging back, we rushed over to an appointment that we were super late too and ended up picking up a man named Luis as a new investigator and invited him to be baptized on May 20th! Luis lost his wife 3 years ago and it's definitely hit him and his 2 kids pretty hard.

Wednesday: We had a lesson with another one of our investigators named Karisha! We also did service for her that morning. She’s REALLY COOL! She's 27 years old and has had a turnaround in her life from not living the gospel like she should to being an AMAZING Christian woman! She attends a Christian church here in Lemoore and that’s going to be our biggest setback with her because she really likes that church and is even getting into the children's ministry here! But to no avail! We have faith and she's reading from the Book of Mormon! We know she will do what she needs to do!

Thursday: We had another exchange with the Zone Leaders. This time, I went with Elder Kennick (a missionary that came out with me). We had a lot of fun. On our way to dinner though...I got a flat and we had to walk for a bit. We saw a guy though and asked him if he had a pump or anything and he helped us right away! It turned out to be a good contact and we set up an appointment to go see him (he flaked...). Haha unfortunately though, we didn't repair the tube as much as it needed so I was riding on a flat tire for a little bit again before eventually walking the rest of the way to dinner....we were almost 40 minutes late! But they forgave us! We had a member take us out for the rest of the night and we went to another lesson with Luis. His 8 year old daughter, Gabby, was there. She is so cute! We started talking about the Plan of Salvation and we could definitely tell that Gabby had a lot of hurt from her mother's passing as well. We invited her to meet with us and even invited her to say the closing prayer. She gave such a sweet and innocent prayer about her mother! I am truly so excited to help her come closer to our Father in heaven and to help her now that her mom IS OK!

Later on that evening we also went and saw a mom and her daughter. The mom isn't super interested but is open to letting her daughters listen. We ended up focusing the lesson around the mom though as we came to find that she doesn't have the best feelings towards our Father in heaven. She has some questions that she feels HE HAS to answer for her. Hopefully, she'll do the reading assignment we left her and want to meet with us with her 11 year old daughter. 

Friday: We went to the TEMPLE!!!! I absolutely love the temple and know that I am privileged to get to go there at least every 3 months! It’s awesome! After the temple, the member that took us there also took us to Cheesecake Factory (mind you, he brought us and the Zone Leaders!). It was SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!! Anyways, during while we were there...I had a fun little experience with some waitresses...and if you truly want to know, you'll have to ask my parents about it. Teehee...

Saturday: We had Luis and a friend come to church and we ended up picking up his friend as an investigator and taught more of The Plan of Salvation to them! (Unfortunately, neither of them came to church though...)

Sunday: We were able to get 4 kids that we are teaching to church (out of a family of 6. The other and oldest son didn't come. We'll get the next week though!) 

Overall, a wonderful week! Love you all!! 
Elder Richardson

Here's a bunch of pictures from the temple trip on Friday

Cheesecake Factory!!

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