Friday, August 19, 2016


AUGUST 1, 2016

SO this last week we had zone Conference on Tuesday and it was awesome!! I learned a lot about using our time here more wisely and how to better PRACTICE teaching with my companion! It was really awesome! I volunteered for almost every reading, Role Play, etc.. Basically whenever President Clark or anyone giving a training asked us to do something I shot my hand up just cause I learn better from hand's on experience! SO why not volunteer right!?!?! Haha it was awesome. After Zone Conference we went and had dinner with the Stake President over the Merced/ Atwater wards. President Schofield is a really amazing man who has missionary work ALWAYS on his mind and is always ready and willing to share the gospel with ANYONE!!

The next day (Wednesday), we had exchanges with the Atwater 3rd Branch Elders (Spanish). (Long story short, at zone conference my comp got made District Leader for his last few weeks so now we have to go on Exchanges with everyone in the District) Elder Harolds went with Elder Hopkins and Elder Mora came here with me!!! HAha I took him on an adventure!! We went out to WInton (like a 20-25 minute bike ride) and saw a few members. One of the members we saw had some BEAUTIFUL huskies that they sell as show dogs (that's a good business to be in if you know how to raise high quality dogs). Later on we biked to the other end of our area and tried to see a few potentials. Nobody opened up but we ended up running into a member from Idaho who was here in Cali doing summer sales for Pest Control. We talked with him for a while and he convinced Elder Mora and I that we need to do Summer Sales after our missions!!! It sounds pretty awesome!! 

On Friday, we went on Exchanges again, but this time with the Atwater 2nd ward Elders. Elder Harolds stayed in our area with Elder Talbot and I went to their area with Elder Toombs.
Elder Toombs and I had a ton of fun. On Saturday, he and I went and helped one of their members put sealant in their pool! SO there was 4 people total in this drained pool painting, and that day just happened to decide to be the single hottest day of the year here and completely baked us in this walled off pool!1 Haha it was lots of fun though. I'm just happy Arizona's heat has prepared me for something like this because about a half hour into it, the other 3 were saying how they were starting to get delirious. Meanwhile, I was hot, but was good to go and full of energy! They thought I was kinda weird because of that!! 

After we exchanged back, Elder Harolds and I had a lesson with Gladys (INV). We read Alma 32 with her about faith. We set a date for August 13th with her and she came to church the next day!! I love you all and hope this week is awesome for you!!1 

Elder Richardson 

Glady's son Geo wanted to put on my tag.


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