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JUNE 18, 2016

This week we talked with basically everything that moved! I love talking to people about the gospel so much. It's honestly the best thing to talk about and leaves you feeling so spiritually high!! I absolutely love it! 
On Monday, Preparation Day flew by. But after Preparation Day we went to go contact former investigators in our area. The first one we tried was on the phone in his garage when we got to his house so we went and knocked on his neighbors door as not to be rude and interrupt him on the phone. Nobody answered so we went back to his house and noticed his garage was shut but all his cars were still there. We then went and knocked on the door loudly and rang the doorbell and NOBODY answered it! You could hear people inside but they were obviously hiding from a 19 and 20 yr old....Haha oh well though. After that we just started street contacting people in that neighborhood cause everyone and their dogs (literally) was outside taking a walk. We ran into a lot of nice people that weren't interested. Finally, as we were heading to the end of the neighborhood to start our journey home, we ran into this girl named Gabby. She's 17 yrs old, going to be a senior in high school and is Christian. We are going to go see her tonight at 7:30

On Tuesday, we went and saw the Tacubbas (less active family that is starting to reactivate). We went over and taught their 8 yr old daughter(she's preparing for baptism) the Law of Chastity. Let me tell you...even the dad didn't know how to teach that without having to teach her things she didn't really know about yet. It was pretty awkward...but we made it kid friendly! We talked about "nono squares" and how you shouldn't touch or let somebody else touch inside your nono square. So overall it ended well! Later that night we were out street contacting and we met a girl named Chrissy. She's 18 and just graduated, her parents are Methodist but she's not. We got to talking and ended up teaching her the message of the Restoration on the spot. It was a really good lesson. We scheduled to come back Saturday but came to find out she was moving Saturday to Chico, California. We are sad she is leaving but will definitely make sure she has missionaries visiting her up there!! 

On Thursday, we had a "hand-off" lesson with one of our current investigators, Doug. he lives in Turlock and so he will no longer be meeting with us. We have a member that lives outside of our ward and mission boundary but has permission from the First Presidency to come to our ward cause it's closer. So, because of that, we are able to leave our mission boundary to go see these members (isn't that cool!?!?). So we set up a lesson for the Turlock missionaries to come to our members house and we were there so that we could introduce Doug to them. It was a good meeting and I am excited to hear about Doug getting baptized. I didn't really get to now him but I know that he is prepared for baptism that's for sure. He's a great guy and is going to be a great member of the church in Turlock! 

On Saturday, we had dinner with Gladys and James and had a great lesson with them afterwards. We talked with them and Gladys said that she and James had talked about her baptismal date (Aug. 6)  but that they had never prayed about it. We bore powerful testimony on the power of prayer and how we get answers to our prayers by acting on them and committed them to pray and read Alma 32. 

Gladys and James came to church the next day. They only stayed for Sacrament but it was still good to see them there! They said they would come next week and we are going to hopefully see them on Saturday.

That's all for this week though! Love ya!1

Elder Richardson


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