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JULY 4, 2016

Happy 4th of july everyone!!!!,
This past week was definitely a crazy fun one! So the temp here has gotten up to about 105-110 (still nothing like AZ heat but a little hot) and we have been cruisin through it on our bikes all week! 
On Monday Elder Sparks and I got done with all of our regular Preparation Day stuff and went back home and did the most incredible thing...we napped!!!! Oh my goodness it was so amazing! We took a 2 hour nap and both of us woke up feeling like we were on top of the world! I've honestly forgotten how amazing naps felt!! Definitely one thing I need to start doing on more Mondays! 

On Tuesday we went to A&W with a Brother barton (member) for dinner. I've never had their root beer straight off the tab...IT was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I've never had root beer that good before! Later that night we went over to John's (Investigator) house to have a lesson with him. He wasn't at church on Sunday and sent us a text saying that he wanted to meet with us. We went over and he expressed some concerns with us and almost tried to drop us. We don't go down easy though!! We talked more and committed him to read 3 Nephi 11 and to pray about it with REAL INTENT. And if he does that. Then he will get his answer to know if he should get baptized the 9th or not.

On Thursday we went over to this less active ladies home and washed her dog Pookie for her! She recently just got out of a surgery to get her toes shortened cause one of them was abnormally bigger than the other 4 on her right foot. She has metal rods sticking out 3 of her toes right now (kind of gross to think about). But it was pretty fun to talk to her and wash the dog! 

Later that evening we took one of our investigators named Bill to a baptism that was going on that night. Bill is a Nazarene and has been for  awhile but passed our church once and said that something, "told him he needed to go visit that church". We told him that was the Spirit and he loved it. The baptism was amazing!! The Spirit was so strong. On the way home Bill talked about how he liked a talk that someone had given about the Holy Ghost at the baptism and wants to feel it more in his own life!! It was awesome! he wasn't able to make it to church this last Sunday but we know he will come soon!!! 

On Saturday we had transfer calls!!! And....(drum roll!!!) I'm getting transferred!! I'm heading back to the Merced Zone to go serve in the Atwater 1st War! (Atwater is about 10 minutes from Merced). My companion that I'm going to be serving with is named Elder Harolds! I have seen him around before and know that he's from Texas and that he is actually going home this next transfer! i'm excited to serve with him though! 

On Sunday some members invited us to go watch fireworks with them. They live right behind a country club that does fireworks so they have the best seats to watch them from!! It was lots of fun! 

Hope all of ya'lls 4th of july is amazing! Love you all!!

Elder Richardson
This is us washing Pookie

This is the Avengers apartment: 

This is the last Avenger District Picture before Transfers:

Elder Taylor and I                               Elder Johnson & I w/ Elder Woodman in background

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