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JULY 25, 2016

Haha so we had a crazy, as well as awkward, week.
On Monday, we were at a part member family's home for dinner (part member family is one person is a member, the spouse, boyfriend, etc... is not. Anyways, we were having a great meal and about to get into the lesson when the mother of the member knocked on the door. We continued to go into the lesson with the mother there. We shared a video and at the end we were starting to talk to the nonmember parent about re-taking the lessons (he's been taught before). As we were about to extend the invitation, his mother-in-law started telling him how he needed to get baptized, sealed to his family, etc... and kept telling him about how bad he's gonna feel if he doesn't get baptized and so forth. She went on for about 10 minutes and my companion an I kinda came to a conclusion about the nonmember parent. He has never really shown a true desire to learn. He's just felt pushed into it (forced). And that's not how Christ's gospel works. People need to want to learn before getting into the gospel. You can't be forced or else you won't apply it to your own life. After we both had this thought, we ended the lesson really fast. After we had a closing prayer, I walked up to the nonmember parent and asked him to read Alma 32 from the BOM  and asked him to pray about it and that we would call him in 2 weeks to see if he would like to meet with us or  not! We can't wait to call him next week to see what his answer is!! 

On Tuesday we had a lesson with a new investigator we picked up named Tom. He's an older gentleman who fought in Vietnam. He lives like right next to our apartment (literally, 2 doors down). We taught him The Restoration and the Spirit was strong there. He seemed to accept it. he's just a little embarrassed that he's never heard of it before cause he's so old and we're so young. We told him that it's completely fine and that if he does the reading that we ask him to do and keep meeting with us he will be understand in no time! We're going to go see him again on Saturday morning at 9AM!! 

Tuesday night we went to go meet up with Fry at the canal but he wasn't there!!! 
We saw him again on Thursday night and we accused us of not showing up!! Haha he forgave us somewhat though and we're going to meet him again at the canal tonight!! Wish us luck!! 

On Saturday night we had a Pioneer Day celebration in the field behind our church. It was awesome!! We had burgers and hot dogs and fun deserts!!They had fun little pioneer games too!! Including the stick pull game!! Anyways, the members told my comp and I that we should go against each other. We went twice and had no winner. On the third try, we snapped the stick in half! So that leaves the question...
What happens when an unstoppable force clashes with an immovable object? (fruit for thought (;  )

After that we got all age groups from primary age to adult and played Ultimate Frisbee (my comp and I played in out proselyting clothes!!! Anyways, I was put on the same team as the Bishopric (my comp was on the other team). We ended up slaughtering them 10-4!! HAha it was really fun to run around in proselyting clothes and play sports. The only downside was the field was filled with fire ants so my feet have a lot of bites! But...the pain is worth the glory of being on the same winning team as my 50+ year old Bishop!! 

That's all for now!! Love you all!! 

Elder Richardson

Meeting with investigators here at the canal.

Put me on one of those Puppy Calendars!!  

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