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AUGUST 8, 2016

Nyob Zoo!,
On Monday, Elder Harolds and I went and got haircuts from Bishop at the Salon ( I had my hair re-cut because it's too long for missionary standard in my opinion). And then! I went and got my eyebrows threaded!! My eyebrows are on fleek again and I love them! The Punjabi lady that worked their sat me down and looked at me and asked me how I liked my eyebrows done. i told her and then she looked at me more and said, "Ok. I will fix this." And motioned at my whole face!! How rude right? Oh well! she's just jealous cause her eyebrows have never looked as good as mine do NOW!  Monday night wasn't super eventful, all of our set appointments fell through so we just talked with people for the rest of the night. It was fun though! I absolutely love talking to people about the gospel! 
On Wednesday at lunch, we went up to the Spanish Elders apartment and I asked Elder Mora if he would like to shave in my part more. He said yeah cause he has a straight razor that he has been practicing with and wanted to try it out on my head. About 5 minutes later I realized I had made the absolute biggest mistake of my life. i now have an inch and a half wide part that is shaved clean on the side of my head!!! It is HUGE!! After lots of laughs about the landing strip I now had on my head we had to get going to Winton. But before we left I shaved a part into the other side of my head and I now part my hair to the other side (for obvious reasons). Anyways, we biked down to Winton and had a really good lesson with the Wagner's (a less active family that is returning to activity) about the priesthood and how it can still affect them and their family even though they are an all woman household.  Later on we had dinner with the Wilcox's! They invited one of their neighbors over whose 14 and not  a member! We had an amazing dinner and then watched a video about John the Beloved and his point of view during Christ's life. It was an amazing lesson! If Michael doesn't move to Texas with his dad in the next few weeks (family drama), we will hopefully start teaching him and his mom!! 
On Saturday we picked up a new investigator named Makayla. She lives in this ghetto part of town where a lot of shootings and robberies happen daily. She is really cool though. She was a referral from the 2nd Ward Elders. She has  a friend in the 2nd Ward that she is super close with and she told us that because of her and her example she wants to take the lessons and hopefully baptized!! She is SO prepared! I know Heavenly Father has truly been preparing Makayla through out her 19 years to be ready to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ! We are going to see her again on Tuesday! 
That's all for this week! I love you all!! 
Elder Richardson



Had i seen these pictures before... I would have stopped it here... but wait it gets worse!!

Landing Strip on my head... needless to say, I part my hair on the other side now to cover it up.

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