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JUNE 11, 2016

Wat up Yung Sons!,
This week was CRAZY!
Monday: After emailing we went and said bye to lots of members and then went to watch fireworks (we didn't touch them though!!). It was sad to say bye to all the members in Visalia but I'm excited for Atwater. So our area is pretty big. We cover half the city of Atwater and then the city of Winton and Cressey, all on bikes. So needless to say, I have probably already biked more here than I did in Visalia. It's awesome though! 
On Wednesday we biked down to Winton and spent the day there. Before when I was covering that area in the Hmong branch I had a car and it seemed like an ok town. On a bike, I realize that it is ghetto and sketchy!! Lots of poverty and mean looks come our way. I counted and about 10 out of like 30-40 people I waved at in their cars waved back. I still love to wave and throw a gigantic smile their way though! It makes a lot of people smile too! Who knows! Maybe my smile made their day! Cause not everyone here is on the best position! So if 2 guys in white shirts with corky smiles make their day I'm happy to do it! 
We talked to a lot of people this last week and now have like 5 return appointments with people this next week!! Hopefully something good comes of them!! 
On Saturday, we committed one of our Investigators to baptism!! His name is Larry, he's 46 years old and VERY humble! We taught him about how baptism is a commandment for all of us while on this Earth life! (John 3:5) He said he didn't know that but now that he does he NEEDS to be baptized! We set a date for the 23rd of July! Unfortunately, he didn't come to church so we have to push his date back. He'll be ok though! 
On Sunday we set ANOTHER baptismal date as well! Her name is Gladys. She is in a part member family (boyfriend is a member) and has 2 kids (Geo is almost 2 and Liam is almost 1). We committed her to august 6th! We were very up front with them though. Gladys and James (boyfriend) are excited though and ready to take this step in the gospel! That's all for this week! Love ya'll!

Elder Richardson

Goodbye Visalia - Here's just a few I said goodbye to:
Reyes Family                                                               Nicole

7-11 Wrestling Max Reyes, he thought he could beat me - BIG mistake.

7-11 My comp doesn't like pictures too much... Elder Harolds.

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